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Xtreme Scan Stone Type 4 25 Lbs

Part Number XTS25
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Xtreme Scan Stone Type 4 25 Lbs
Xtreme Scan Stone
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 introduces an improved group of Scannable Die Stones, giving you three choices of expansions and textures. Diamond Die, a resin-reinforced, 0.07% Type 4, chip-resistant die stone, had been reformulated in certain colors to provide the optimum scan with opto-electronic/laser scanners. X-treme Type 4 and 5 has also been reformulated in certain colors.      

X-Treme Accuracy
X-Treme Durability
X-Treme Strength

Due to its X-Treme small particle size it virtually eliminates flaking or margin chipping.

Type 4 Low expansion 0.13% and Type 5 increased expansion 0.2% available 19ml of water to 100 grams of powder 18 min. to 20 min setting time
19,000 psi


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